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Biographie de Fabrice Enderlin

Consultant indépendant et fondateur de DiscernYard

Independent consultant and founder of DiscernYard, Fabrice Enderlin provides advices and consultancy related to Corporate Culture management, change management and Corporate social responsibility.

Former Executive Vice President Talent and Company reputation of UCB, over the last 10 years, Fabrice Enderlin has a master degree in Political Sciences and a MBA in Human Resources. He has extensive experience within the Biopharma world initially with Ciba-Geigy supporting the Novartis merger in 1997. He joined GSK in 2000 leading as Vice President HR France broad change management activities during the merger of the two Anglo-saxon companies. In 2003, he embraced an international career supporting the fast growth of the vaccines division of GSK as Vice President HR within GSK Biologicals, based in Belgium.

Université de Lyon