Field research

Field research will be carried out in France, China, and Mexico. We are working towards the development of an interdisciplinary methodology that articulates the different approaches of inquiries and analyses (quantitative and qualitative) around the values of health.

À l'international

Chine (Shanghai)


Care and representations of epilepsy

  • Huashan hospital (in association with Fudan University) - 2018
  • Hospital 353 - 2018
  • Red Cross China - 2018

Mexique (Mexico city)


Ethno-medecine and floral medicine

  • Center of Integrative Medicine de médecine intégrative (CEMI) – Ministry of Health of Mexico City
  • Ethnobotanical Garden, Cuernavaca
  • Harvesters of medicinal plants in the states of Guerror and Puebla
  • Traditional healers in the centre and the south of the country

In France


Cancer and relational quality

  • Sanofi France and the programme "Cancer and Work: Acting Together"
  • Entreprise and cancer

In the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region


Adaptive coordination and gerontology

  • Associative network CORMADOM

Care and representations of epilepsy

Overseas territories, French Polynesia

Integrative Medicine at the Hospital

  • Pulmonology service at Papeete Hospital