Presentation of the Chair

The Chair "Values of Care"

The question of value is at the centre of all attempts to gain a complex understanding of the ill person, from Canguilhem’s theory of vital norms to narrative-based medicine and value-based medicine, passing by client-centred therapy and the biopsychosocial model.

The space of care should thus, from a normative point of view, be able to favour the formation of judgments, privilege functional coordination above social coordination, and leave room for reflexivity in the choice of technical solutions. A system of care constitutes the concrete interface between care and politics. It contains an ethical dimension, especially when centred on the patient. Il can be neither reduced to a sum total of interpersonal relations, nor subsumed under a general policy.

The ambition of the chair "Values of Care" is to ask again the question of value, the importance of which has only been partially recognized, often in the context of industrial and economic demands. To use the method of critical inquiry to bring perspective to and analyse the concepts of evaluation, efficiency, and value with respect to care is to recognize the need to put the value back into measures of evaluation in order to rethink what constitutes a right or just model of care.

Led by researchers at the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and the University of Burgundy, the Chair is composed of an interdisciplinary team (philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, management scientists, political scientists, healthcare professionals) and overseen by a diverse scientific committee (researchers, business leaders, practitioners).